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5 vreselijke break-up stories op Valentijnsdag die écht zijn gebeurd

Je lover die jullie relatie verbreekt komt natuurlijk nooit goed uit, maar op Valentijnsdag is dat wel extra cru. Het is een dag waarop je hand in hand met je partner wil spenderen en als je single bent verstop je je in huis om al die Valentijnscommercie te ontlopen. Deze vijf meiden werden gedumpt op Valentijnsdag en hun verhalen zijn hartverscheurend.

Break-up op Valentijnsdag

Je mag toch hopen dat je vriend nog wel een beetje respect voor je heeft als jullie relatie op de klippen loopt. Dat kunnen deze meiden helaas niet zeggen.

1. Van uitstel komt afstel

‘I had a girlfriend in college and I knew I wanted to breakup and that our relationship was over, but it was Valentine’s Day weekend and it felt like everyone was doing cute stuff, so I felt like I needed to continue the charade. I took her on this nice date, but it was awful and we broke up the next day. Moral of the story: If you need to breakup with someone do it, don’t feel pressure by Hallmark to stay together.
Aimee, 26

2. Reservering in een restaurant

‘My last relationship my boyfriend and I were cooking dinner together one night and I clicked on his computer to look at the recipe. I saw an email notification confirming a reservation for a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day, and I was super excited he had secretly planned something months in advance. I never told him I saw the email, but I got him a really sweet present and was waiting for Valentine’s Day to come around. A week before Valentine’s he told me he was going out of town that week to visit family. He had been cheating on me and was going on a Valentine’s date with someone else. My friend sent me a picture the other person had posted of them at the restaurant.’
Sara, 25

3. De confrontatie op Valentijnsdag

‘We were long distance, and it hadn’t been going well for a while but the first break we both had from work and school was Valentine’s Day. We both knew it was a breakup trip, but every single restaurant, coffee place, store, everything was decked out in hearts and Cupids. We broke up the first night and I slept on the couch the second night before taking the bus back.’
Bec, 23

4. Helikoptervlucht

‘I got my ex a ride in a helicopter around the city for Valentine’s Day. He hated it the whole time, and 15 minutes in to the ride he was shouting to go back down. The second we landed he dumped me and said I should have known he would have hated that. We haven’t talked since.’
Kat, 24

5. Valentijnsfeest

‘My sorority has a big Valentine’s formal where you specially invite your crushes and I invited the guy I had been hooking up with for months. He showed up wasted and spent the night trying to make out with a bunch of my sisters. I think he even went home with one. I was so mortified and sad I cried in the bathroom in my dress and made my friends take our Uber to Wendy’s.’
Annie, 21

Ga jij zelf door een break-up heen? Je wereld valt niet uiteen.

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5 vreselijke break-up stories op Valentijnsdag die écht zijn gebeurd