Dit meisje transformeerde haar uitgezakte billen tot een prachtige ronde bilpartij

Ronde billen, misschien heb je ze wel op jouw lijstje met doelen voor 2017 gezet. Want wat is een stevige bilpartij prachtig. In een bikini op het strand, maar ook in een spijkerbroek op een gemiddelde dag in het jaar. Heb je wat inspiratie nodig om je platte billen te transformeren in die bilpartij waar je van droomt? Dan wil je zeker het verhaal over Nessa lezen.

Het waren zelfs Nessa’s billen waardoor ze werd wakkergeschud. Nessa leefde namelijk niet heel gezond, maar ze had het niet door. Pas toen ze een foto van haar kont zag, schrok ze. En ze wist dat ze meer moest bewegen.

Voordat ze haar leven omgooide, was Nessa voornamelijk bezig met haar baan in de financiële wereld. Ze moest hard werken, waardoor gezond eten en sporten er bij in schoot.

Begin 2015 besloot ze alles anders te doen. Omdat ze na haar werktijd te moe was om te sporten, besloot ze dat te doen vóórdat ze ’s ochtends naar haar werk ging. Daarom moest ze iedere dag om vijf uur opstaan. Dat is nog eens dedication als je het ons vraagt.

Na zes maanden was het resultaat al verbluffend.

I haven't share my full body progress photo lately as I did not believe there was much to show. But I decided to take a shot yesterday to keep myself motivated and move on full of energy with last three weeks of 2nd round of BBG 1.0 ?? I have never had any problems with my weight, usually ate what I felt like but for past few years I did not exercise regularly. And I wasn't feeling comfortable in my own body at the beginning of this year. I was unhappy, started to get bloated and had no power. In February I decided to do something about it and I found @kayla_itsines and her account with so many amazing transformations ? I felt I needed to try this fitness journey and… Today I start my Week 34! I can't believe all those changes in my body. I am leaner, I am healthier, I am stronger, I have a lot of energy to go on during my days and being 38, I have abs ‼️?? I have never been so confident about my body and all this thanks to you Kayla @kayla_itsines ??❤️ You made me so happy ? #bbg #bbg2 #bbg1round2 #bbgweek10 #bbgweek34 #bbgprogress #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #healthylifestyle #fitnessaddict #fitnessjourney #bbgtransformation #fitnesstransformation #fitnessprogress

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Toch was Nessa nog niet helemaal tevreden. Maar hoe hard ze ook sportte, haar lichaam veranderde niet meer. Toen wist ze dat ze ook haar eetpatroon moest aanpassen. Ze at al vrij gezond, maar soms at ze te grote porties of ze sloeg een maaltijd over. Het kon zo maar eens gebeuren dat ze een dag 1000 calorieën at en de dag erna 3000.

Daarom besloot ze haar maaltijden strakker in te richten. Voortaan at ze zes gebalanceerde maaltijden per dag, van zo’n 1900 tot 2000 calorieën per dag.

Dat vroeg wel om de nodige voorbereidingen.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail ??✅ I spent 2 hours in my kitchen and today's meal preparation is done. 18 boxes of food, 3 meals per day for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for me and my husband. What I prepared today was: ? sweet potatoes with grilled salmon and broccoli, ? quinoa with chicken breast, asparagus and zucchini, ? basmati rice, Mexican style ground beef with red beans and yellow bell pepper and red bell pepper on side ? Breakfasts and snacks are going to be prepared every day in the morning. Now I am going to rest a little bit, it was quite exhausting ?? #mealpreparation #sundaymealprep #mealprep #fooddiary #bbg #bbgweek52 #bbgweek70 #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #sweatwithkayla #bbgjourney #healthyjourney #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthymeal #bbgfooddiary #bbgfood #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #bbgover30 #bbgmotivation #fitnessmotivation #foodroutine #foodinspiration #foodgoals #iifym #macros #flexibledieting #macrocounting

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En dit is het resultaat na het aanpassen van haar dieet. Billen waar je U tegen zegt.

I get lots if e-mails and messages lately and it's quite difficult to reply to all of them. I do my best but if there are questions asked by many of you, I will reply here in my posts ? One of the most frequently asked questions is how my measurements changed since I started my journey? I didn't lose many centimeters off my hips and legs but it's enough for the change to be noticeable. I am very happy with what I've achieved and I know I am at the point where I don't want to lose any more of them. I am working now on building my muscles and getting stronger ??? Another very common question is what I did to get those results? ?? I have been doing Bikini Body Guide since March 2015 and 7 weeks ago I started heavy lifting. However the greatest progress in my body happened when I focused on my nutrition. Eating of 5-6 healthy well balanced meals regularly throughout the day were the game changer for me ??✔️ And the last question is how much time it took me to get this progress? There is a difference of 92 weeks between those two pictures but I can assure you that it's possible to achieve those results in a shorter time. Of course I am not talking about a month or two because miracles don't happen however if you are consistent and dedicated you can succeed faster than I did ??? #transformationtuesday #bbgprogress #sweatwithkayla #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #kaylaitsines #bbg #motivation #weights #lifting #beforeandafter #inspiration #fitspo #fitgoals #fitinspiration

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I decided to share with all of you my progress photo from the beginning of my journey until now ✅ Yesterday when I posted my 11 weeks nutrition plan results, someone commented that nothing but my phone's case changed ?? So, at least this person can say now that also outfit and place are different ?? But to be honest, I do not care. I got quite a few questions yesterday and I would like to reply here instead of writing e-mails. I mentioned only my nutrition plan and I didn't say anything about workouts. I do Bikini Body Guide fitness program created by @kayla_itsines ? I started 2 rounds with e-books and then I switched to Sweat with Kayla app once it was released. It's so convenient! I have my workouts with me all of the time, the app track the weeks and done sessions ? Last 11 weeks I was eating according to my personal meal plan but in the application there is a Help Guide with recipes and daily menus. I find it really helpful and meals are delicious. Last but not least BBG works for all of the girls, no matter the age. I am 39 and I can only say thank you Kayla ??❤️ I am in the best shape of my life ? #bbgprogress #bbg #kaylaitsines #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla

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Nessa gaat nu vijf of zes keer per week 45 tot 55 minuten naar de sportschool. Daar doet ze twee dagen een conditietraining. Zo volgt ze BBG van Kayla Itsines’s, ze loopt op een loopband en gaat op de cross trainer. Ook doet ze twee HIIT trainingen (high intentie interval training) per week.

Daarnaast doet ze aan krachttraining. Een dag voor haar bovenlichaam, een dag voor haar benen en billen en een dag voor haar hele lichaam. Die prachtige billen heet ze vooral te danken aan de squats en hip bridges. Inmiddels squat ze met ruim 40 kg in haar nek.

Hi guys! I have another video for you today ?? This is a Kettlebell Swing exercise video ?? I love kettlebell and whenever I have a day when no workout is scheduled, I very often go for this piece of equipment and make a full body session. Kettlebell Swing is a perfect exercise to activate and build many muscles, it burns lots of calories, boosts your endurance, improves your posture and keeps you from getting lower back pain. With all the benefits they have to offer, kettlebell swings are truly one of the "kings of exercises" ?? BUT they need to be done correctly. The biggest mistake ➡️ you see people doing a squat instead of a hip hinge. This is not a squat move, all of the work is done by your hips. Think about the swing as a deadlift motion in fast forward. Hike the kettlebell up and back. Push your hips backward and then drive your hips forward forcefully, making the kettlebell float to shoulder height/chest level. Please, remember that your hips move the kettlebell, not your shoulders. Form a plank with your body at the top of the swing. This means bracing your abs, locking out your knees, pulling up your thighs, tightening your glutes and creating a straight line from head to heel. This is one rep ??? Repeat as many times as you need. I am still trying to achieve the best technique at kettlebell swings but it takes time and practice. But sooner you start, faster you get those amazing results from performing this exercise. An interesting fact on kettlebell swings ??? If you have a special event or party and you would like your butt to be round shaped as quickly as possible, try kettlebell swings before you go out. Of course, they will not do a miracle but they can lift your bum a little bit right away ?? Happy Sunday! ? #lifting #girlswholift #weightlifting #bbg #kettlebellswings

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We denken overigens dat Nessa de nieuwe Kayla gaat worden. Ze heeft namelijk al flink wat volgers verzameld op Instagram én ze gaat binnenkort haar fitnessdiploma halen, zodat ze ook anderen kan helpen hun doelen te bereiken. Nou, ons heeft ze in ieder geval al geïnspireerd.

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Dit meisje transformeerde haar uitgezakte billen tot een prachtige ronde bilpartij