11 x hete mannen waar iedere vrouw wel naast wakker wil worden

Yasmine Esser 13 jun 2017 Nieuws

Opstaan is geen pretje. Elke dag zou je nog wel langer in dromenland willen blijven. Maar met een fijne vent naast je is het toch wat fijner wakker worden. Naast deze exemplaren wil iedere vrouw 's ochtends wel wakker worden.

Big thnx to the pinched nerve in my neck for ruining my day off #awesomesauce

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#tbt still one of my fave selfies ? @hazeandglory

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Arrived safely and settled in but now I'm bored and wide awake! ? #wilheminamodels #Germany #hugoboss

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Good morning in the afternoon handsome! ? This is how I plan on spending my #Saturday W/ @Nikki ?. Thx for the #BreakfastInBed my Love ❤️ #LuckyMe #MenandCoffee

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New York makes me feel good

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Coffee, because adulting is hard. How do you like your morning ☕️? #AlmostAwake

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Tb..Miss this little one back in LA?

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Against the odds @soboys

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Back to work … editing a new video

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Self doubt or self confidence… Which one will you choose?

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11 x hete mannen waar iedere vrouw wel naast wakker wil worden